Therapedic Medicoil ®

Medicoil HD 1000

Everyone can benefit from a bed that is specifically designed to be much more resistant to quick breakdown, excessively abnormalwear, and the really deep body impressions. Therapedic is here to offer interested consumers a better, stronger, more durable option.This is the firmest mattress in the series of 4 Medicoil HD beds.  

Medicoil HD 2000

In its beginning, the HD mattress was built and marketed for heavier people. As time went on the real added value of heftier construction materials that make up these extra tough mattresses was realized. Little to no settling and minimal compression of padding means a more comfy bed for years and nights to come.

Medicoil HD 3000

The Medicoil HD3000 has a solid support with a superior cushion firm feel that comes from resilient natural latex rubber. The Medicoil HD Series is built to last for anyone and everyone of all weights, body shapes, and sizes. It’s an outstanding value!

Medicoil HD 5000

​Introducing the Medicoil HD 5000 Heavy Duty Pillow Top Mattress. While this mattress was originally built to address the plus sized person, the company didn’t stop there , they new the value to people of all sizes and introduced a better built mattress to anyone who desired one. The key is design a bed that can hold up and perform for all situations night after night and year after year regardless of their weight while still being priced competitively.


Sleeping well leads to living well. Getting a good sleep on a regular basis not only makes you healthy but also brings out the best in you. So, invest in a top-of-the-line bed and mattress to enjoy the fruits of sleeping well. Whether you are shopping by brand or by comfort, our experts are more than to happy assist you. Contact our bed and mattress specialists today at (406) 457-2337 for more information about the products we offer.